Android Spy Apps: Best Tool for Breaking Kids’ Bad Habits


While the Internet has offered various benefits, it surely has also increased our problems, especially as parents. Parenting teens was never as difficult as it has become today, mainly because of an easier access to the internet and excessive use of smartphones, such as Android phones for instances, which, if misused, can cause serious problems. In many cases, these serious problems include habits that can put the mental and physical development of kids at risk. It is a popular proverb that iron sharpens iron. Same is the case here. You have to fight technology with technology. There is where Android spy apps can be really helpful. They can help you with parenting your kids and tackling the many negative habits that teens develop upon getting easy access to smartphones and the internet. Here’s what Android spy apps can help you with.

Stop Teens’ Addiction to Porn

Have you noticed that your kid keeps his door locked most of the times, especially at night, or gets frightened on your surprise visit? This happens when kids are doing something they do not want you to know about. If your teen has lost interest in everything and stays in his room alone most of the time, then chances are he is addicted to porn. Wait a minute, where are you going? If you are going to give him long lectures, then stay where you are, as this is not the right way of handling the situation. Firstly, you need to confirm whether he watches porn, otherwise you will end up getting embarrassed in front of him. The best way to do so is by checking his browsing history. Android spy apps allows you to check the URL of every website he visits. If he frequently visits porn websites, then you may talk to him indirectly about it. Just tell him that you know what he does online and that you are very disappointed with his behavior. Hopefully, he will understand what you are trying to say and will avoid watching porn in the future. If not, at least he would be aware of the fact that you’re keeping an eye on what he’s doing online. This alone may be enough to discourage him from vising porn sites.

Stop Kids from Sexting

Sexting is another problem among youth, and is even more serious than watching porn as it involves two people. It involves sending sexually explicit text messages or images, usually to a member of the opposite sex. If your kid always remains busy texting, then you must check all the text messages sent and received by him. Obviously, he won’t hand over his smartphone to you, and it’s also not appropriate to take it from him, so the best option you have is to install a spy app on his device. It will remotely provide you access to his text messages, letting you know if he is sexting or not. You may also get to know about the person he is sexting with.

Discourage the Habit of Lying

It is very normal for teens to lie, especially to their parents. This is mainly because lying seems easier than taking permission for something, particularly on things that they fear you might not agree on, such as staying out late with friends, attending a club, etc. If you think that your kid lies to you about his location, then you may track his device the next time he goes for studying with friends or taking classes. And if your suspicion proves right, then tell the kid that you won’t tolerate lying next time. He will definitely learn that he can’t trick you or lie to you to get his way.

Keep Kid from Talking to Strangers

Teens also have this habit of talking to every person they come across, even if they do not know anything about them. So, if your kid happens to be a social person who does not hesitate sharing his contact number with strangers and talk with them on the smartphone, then deploying an Android spy app can help you in identifying this risky behavior and putting an end to it.

Catch a Bully Red-Handed

Gone are the days when bullying was just limited to schools and homes. It has now reached the very smartphones of kids. And in many cases, it may be your own kid who’s targeting other kids through verbal or physical attacks. To see if your kid is indeed sending other kids threatening messages or making inappropriate fun of them, then having an Android spy app installed on their smartphone can really help you out.

If you monitor the mobile phone activities of your teen regularly and teach him accordingly, then he will definitely get rid of all the bad habits. but you must be very careful while dealing with him. Avoid showing anger or embarrassing him in front of siblings. Just let him know that he is being monitored and that you cannot tolerate this behavior. Give him time and have faith that he will eventually change his habits.

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