How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe and It’s Data Secure


With a rampant increase of android malware and other online threats, it has become a necessity for all the android users to keep their device safe. Your android phones and tablets contain private data which you would not want to get hacked. To keep your android phone safe and to avoid falling prey to hazardous apps or malware, you must follow the useful tips mentioned below.

Lock Your Phone Screen with A PIN

Nobody would want their phone to get hacked or their data to get leaked. The first step towards keeping your android phone safe is to secure its phone screen with a PIN or password. It is believed that PINS and passwords tend to be more secure than the patterns. Therefore, make it to a point to keep your phone always protected with a PIN or password only known to you.

Install Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software into your android phone can also help you in keeping your device safe from malwares. Such apps keep you informed about security and virus threats every now and then. Many of these apps are usually free, making the installing process easy and quick for the users.

Shield Your Individual Apps

There are various protection apps that are developed to lock and safeguard your individual apps, especially the ones containing personal data, such as email apps, messaging apps, social networking apps, or banking apps. These protection apps will add an extra level of security to your individual apps, keeping them safe and secure from the hazardous apps and malwares.

Encrypt your Android Phone

You can keep your data secure by encrypting your android phone. Encrypted data is almost impossible to extract. An encrypted device will be useless for someone who steals it. Data encryption ensures complete protection of data and makes it inaccessible for the unauthorized parties. As the encryption process takes a while, you would require to plug in the charger and let the process complete. It is highly recommended to encrypt your android device’s data to keep it safe and secure.

Use Google Play Store

You can cut down your security risk if you stick to downloading apps only from the Google Play Store. It has been repeatedly noted that apps downloaded from the Play Store are far less likely to carry malware and viruses as compared to other sources. Therefore, it is advised to keep your android safe by only downloading apps from the Play Store.

Download Apps Carefully

Before downloading a certain app on your android phone, make sure it is authentic and comes from a reliable developer. As most of the apps do contain an element of risk, thus it is important to download them with thorough inspection. Take some time to read the app reviews and see what other users are talking about it. Also, look for its complete description and permission details.

Be Careful with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Connecting your android phone to unknown and uncertain Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections can be hazardous for the device. Such ambiguous connections can be used to track or hack your device without your knowledge. Only connect to the networks you completely trust. Also, turn off your Bluetooth when not required.

Use a VPN for public Wi-Fi networks

We would not really recommend using a public Wi-Fi network as it is not considered a secure option. However, if you ever had to go for it, make sure you use a VPN – a network connection that enables you to create a secure connection over the public. A VPN connection will keep your phone secure as long as it stays connected.

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