5 Terrible Teen Trends on Social Media


Social media has helped us in a lot of ways, but it has also brought a ton of problems along with it. Teenagers in particular have succumbed to different social media trends and most of them aren’t exactly appropriate. The worst part about all this is that there’s nothing parents can do about it because it’s all happening on digital screens which teens don’t show to anyone. Although most of these trends are bad, we’ve compiled a list of some of the worst teen trends on social media that you should definitely be aware of and putting an end to.


Previously, bullying was restricted to school. Students were picked on by other students, but as soon as they left the school premises, they started to feel safe. However, that’s not the case anymore as bullies follow their victim around with the help of social media. This makes life of the victim a living hell and teenagers have absolutely no idea what kind of damage they might be inflicting on the victim. They keep on doing it because it’s a fun activity for them, but it is the victim who has to suffer from it every single day. They get bullied during school, then they get bullied on their social network account, and even if they log out from there, bullies start to attack them on their smartphones. This has become a terrible trend which needs to die soon.


Snapchat offers the most innocent feature. It allows you to share pictures with another individual which is then deleted automatically. Sounds safe, but it really isn’t. What teenagers fail to realize is that there’s a screenshot feature in phones which can be used by the receiver to snap the image before it gets deleted. There have been a few incidents in the past where a user sent a private picture to someone thinking that it’ll get deleted shortly but that didn’t happen as the receiver took a screenshot of it, and then posted that picture on a social networking site for everyone to see.

Photo-Sharing Sites

Almost all social networking sites allow photo-sharing, but there are a few platforms where every single picture uploaded is completely public. Teenagers in particular keep uploading their pictures on these platforms without even worrying about the consequences.

Adult Apps

There is indeed an app for everything nowadays, including dating and sex. Although some of the dating sites try to stay subtle, but there are some apps like Down which get straight to the point as the user asks the person on the other end if they want to get “Get Date” or “Get Down.” Apps like these are increasing along with their users.


Revealing selfies and R-rated banter amongst teenagers have been on the rise lately. It’s one of the most terrible trends that have been brought with social media, and the worst part is that there is very little that parents or anyone else can do about it.

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