5 Security Apps for Windows Phone

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Android and iOS might be top dogs as far as mobile computing is concerned but Windows Phone is not far behind. Despite facing stiff competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung, Microsoft’s mobile OS has successfully carved an identity of its own. Devices fueled by Windows Phone operating system are slowly but steadily gaining steam with the masses who have praised its tile based design – welcome eye-candy that is significantly more intuitive and snappier than what’s currently out there. That being said Windows Phone, like its rivals, is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can exploit software vulnerability and steal sensitive information. The following security apps for the Windows Phone platform won’t just thwart any such threats but also bolster the device’s overall security:


Mobile technology may have progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few years but unfortunately mobile security hasn’t. As it has always been passwords form the first line of defense against malicious attacks. Security specialists suggest creating unique passwords that contain a combination of alphanumeric and special characters to make the password hard to crack. However, the number of Internet services being used by an average user is growing each day. Creating a safe and secure password for each of the services and remembering every login credential can be a daunting task. That is where Keeper comes in. Keeper is a password manager that stores all your login information and automatically syncs it across all your Windows platforms. In addition, the app encrypts all kinds of sensitive information and backs it up in the cloud.


eWalletGo is another information manager that specializes in storing credit card numbers, PIN’s and login information. The app provides options through which a user can backup data using Google Docs and Dropbox.

AVG Family Safety

AVG is a renowned name in desktop security. With AVG Family Safety, the company is looking to bring its world class protection to mobile browsers. Family Safety is a secure browser which detects malicious websites and blocks access to them. In addition the browser allows parents to set block and allow lists of different websites to make the device more kid friendly.

Phone Security Pro

This app is especially meant for those who constantly fear that someone from their family and friends will go through their phone. The app offers comprehensive protection to thwart invasion of privacy by setting off an alarm every time it detects unauthorized access. Furthermore, the phone records location and time of attempt to narrow down on the identity of the user.

Lock & Hide

Lock & Hide is quite similar to Phone Security Pro. Install the app and it will do exactly what the name says – lock and hide all your personal information in a safe location. The device is especially handy when you want to tuck away pictures or videos that you do not want anyone else to stumble upon. Lock & Hide is a great app to keep all confidential information residing on your Windows Phone safe and secure.

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