5 Reasons to Switch from Windows to Linux

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Linux has been around for quite some time now, but it hasn’t been receiving the popularity that it rightfully deserves. However, there are some people who are making the transition and are switching to Linux due to a large number of advantages over Windows, though there still are some people who are reluctant about it. In this article, we have tried to convince the reluctant ones by shedding light on some of the major areas where Linux dominates Windows.

Fool-Proof Security

This is one of the biggest reasons to make the shift from Windows to Linux. People who have been using Windows OS for a while must be familiar with the security issues that arise more often than they normally should. Although Microsoft has taken measures to reduce the malware spread as much as they can, the hackers are working equally hard as they release a new malware on the web every single day. The users can be a victim of these attacks if they aren’t careful. However, the malware threat takes a big step down when it comes to Linux. Linux OS has been a safe haven since coming into existence. Its security is fool-proof and it is the reason that a large number of people get attracted to it.

No Antivirus Needed

As soon as a new Windows is installed on a computer, first thing users do is they download antivirus, which they hope will keep them safe from malware. Much to their disappointment, this security measure doesn’t last long. Linux, on the other hand, has incredible security that allow users to start experiencing the operating system without downloading a whole lot of third-party apps just so they can stay safe for a little while. Finding the best antivirus is also a hassle which the users can avoid altogether by switching to Linux.

Everything Comes Pre-Installed

As mentioned in the previous point, Windows users have to download antivirus to stay safe. However, that’s not the only software that needs to be downloaded as they also have to get their hands on better media player, better browsing option and some other software. This of course takes a lot of time as the users have to do their research and look for the best available options. In case of Linux, however, the users will be able to avoid all this hassle and will be able to get to the task right away as the best possible options for almost everything are already present on it.

Updating System is Perfect

The updates on Windows are pretty annoying because they appear when either you are turning your computer on or turning it off. Due to these updates, you have to wait until everything is ready. However, the things are completely different on Linux. You can start the update and start watching a movie along with it. By the time you are done watching the movie, all the updates would have finished downloading and then you can just keep on using the computer or turn it off without any problem.

It’s Free

If the above mentioned points didn’t convince you, then this sure will. You can get your hands on working Linux operating system for absolutely free. Although it will take some getting used to, you will be able to use it like a professional after a few days.

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