5 Reasons Why Internet Filters Don’t Always Work


Parents seek help from internet filtering apps because they don’t want their kids to look at anything which is inappropriate for their age. Employers also deploy internet filters at workplace so that employees’ focus would stay on work only. However, more often than not, these internet filters don’t work. There are a bunch of reasons for that, but we will only be shedding light on a few of them.

Filters Aren’t Smart

Filters don’t have the ability to think, hence they cannot differentiate between pornography and sites that actually provide information on sexuality, sexual health, and relationships. So this is a tradeoff – if you’re willing to block someone’s access to pornography, you will certainly be blocking their access to some of the sexual knowledge that they would’ve gained otherwise. It has been reported that internet users of over 16 years of age usually look up sexual health topics that they are too shy to discuss with an elder. However, if a filtering app is installed on the device, they wouldn’t be able to do so and stay in the dark.

Can’t Filter Everything

There are billions of websites on the web. Even if you block a certain keyword, it doesn’t mean that your kids or your employees won’t be able to find something similar to it. A filtering app has its limits and although it tries its best to get rid of all the content that you want to filter out, there are still flaws that just can’t be ignored. If you’re a parent who thinks that their children will stay away from porn just because you put in a keyword, then you’re wrong. It might slow down the process, but will most likely fail to eliminate all possibilities.

Not Cost Effective

Filtering apps are not cheap by any means, especially if you’re looking to utilize all of its features. This kind of payment doesn’t always make sense, especially when there is no real guarantee that it’s succeeding in shielding kids from inappropriate content or preventing employees from discovering a new time-wasting site. If there was any proof of what’s being blocked, then at least the costly price tags would have been justified. However, without any proof, filtering apps doesn’t do justice to the payments.

Kids are Smarter than Parents

As mentioned above, filtering app can only do so much. The way kids are in today’s time and age, they don’t take too long to realize that their browsing behavior is being watched, and then they find alternate ways to look at the content they want to without getting caught. Their familiarity with technology gives them an edge over you, thus making it quite easy for them to bypass filtering or other content blocking applications.

There’s Always a Replacement

The process of blocking isn’t as simple as just picking a site and blocking it. Even if you manage to block some content, there would always be replacement of what you block. Employees will find new ways to pass the time at office, whereas children would find replacements of the sites that were blocked.

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