5 things that make BYOD-policy a must-have for businesses

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In light of the more tech-savvy workforce, Bring your Own Device (BYOD) is gaining attention from businesses of all sizes. These businesses, whether at their initial stages or those established, need to consider how BYOD can work best for their employees and help them achieve transparency from the lowest level to the highest level.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management strategy will allow the company to get all its acts together to successfully audit and deploy its employees. BYOD strengthens this approach. A shift in the norms is also influencing our work routines. We no longer wish to have a fixed access to organizational technology and services but use it all round the clock for the greater good of the company. If the organist ion is monitoring their employee’s use of company services and technology using monitoring tools like Stealthmate, they will be providing them with more flexibility to work remotely, more creatively and quickly.

Monitoring the Cloud

Moving your business to cloud can be very advantageous. There is no need of a fixed IT infrastructure in today’s dynamic environment. The company can monitor the network so as to determine the nature of activities an employee is performing. It will cut down on cost. Employees who have smart devices can carry out work-related tasks wherever and at whatever time they want by simply having to sign into a particular site to gain access to office schedules.

Improve Real-time Productivity and Staff Engagement

As organization start engaging and monitoring their employees, it generally leads to each member of their staff being happier and showing an increase in their overall productivity rates. Our work ethics is being influenced strongly as the cultural shift takes place. The company can also monitor their employee’s behavior patterns and their engagement with each other so as to ensure a healthy environment.

Tighten IT security

It is essential for businesses to maintain control over infrastructure, the network and security issues. BYOD gives your IT managers the solution so that your data is safeguarded against all the security issues. For example, a BYOD policy can define which devices can be brought in the workplace, the allowed apps and what corporate data can be transferred, stored and wiped from organization’s computers. This can safeguard your company’s data from employees as well as independent contractors who are likely to take a self-interest approach to your company’s BYOD policy.

IT departments drove technology in the past, but trends are shifting gradually. The IT consummerisation – sparked by the iPhone – has shifted the IT culture. Now the users are the first ones to get hold of the latest, cutting-edge technology. And they want to bring that technology to work. Although it is beneficial for both the company and its employees, there are also some concerns. It is important for companies which are considering employing BYOD to understand both the benefits and disadvantages that come with it before they implement it. But tech experts all around the world are advising small and big businesses to take advantage of the BYOD trend.

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