5 Best Anti-Theft Smartphone Apps

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Our smartphones contain almost all the data about us, which is why our lives become stagnant when we are without them. Sometimes we forget them at school, shopping marts, offices, etc. and sometimes we get mugged and our mobile phone gets stolen. Both scenarios are pretty dangerous as you can potentially lose your smartphone, and even more importantly, you can lose the data on it. However, all this can be avoided if you have installed an anti-theft app on your smartphone. These apps come equipped with a ton of features that allow you to keep tabs on your mobile phone rather easily. Here are some of the best anti-theft smartphone apps available at the moment.


Cerberus is a remarkable mobile phone location tracking app. It comes with a lot of options which you can benefit from in case of theft. You can of course find the location of your phone, you can hide the icon for the app so that the thief doesn’t notice that an anti-theft app is installed on the smartphone, and you can even switch on the microphone, which will allow you to hear each and everything that is being said in the phone’s surroundings. This makes the process of getting back your phone a whole lot easier as you can just press a few buttons and remotely access everything available on the app. It is a go to app for security-conscious people, and you should give it a try as well.

Android Device Manager

This app is officially created by Google so you don’t have to worry about anything here. Android Device Manager works with the support of Google Maps, and with this app installed on your phone, you can always track its location via Google Maps. Apart from location tracking, you can ring an alarm on your phone if it’s stolen so that you can see where the sound is coming from. This app is highly recommended for people who lose their smartphones on regular basis.

Prey Anti Theft

Prey Anti Theft has been amongst the top anti-theft apps for a long time and for the right reasons. With the help of this app not only can you track your phone’s location, but you can also lock it, set off an alarm, keep call log, and erase all the data available. It contains almost everything you can ask for from an anti-theft app.

Where’s My Droid

If you don’t want anything too fancy, then Where’s My Droid comes highly recommended. This app allows you track your phone, ring alarm, lock phone, post a message, and erase all the data. Remote accessing can be done smoothly, thus allowing you to track the location of your phone almost instantly.

SeekDroid: Find My Phone

Almost all the features mentioned in the aforementioned apps are present in SeekDroid: Find My Phone as well. However, this app boasts a couple of additional features, one of which allows you to track multiple devices, and the other one called Breadcrumb Location enables you to track your phone live.

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