BlackBerry Messenger BBM Spying

Spy BlackBerry Messenger BBM

If you think that the BlackBerry phones which you issued to your employees for office purposes are being fairly used, you need to think again. Your employees might be using it for personal enjoyment right under your nose. By using Stealthmate's BBM chat spy you can save your kids and business from likely potential harm. You can:

  • Monitor the content of all BBM chat conversations
  • Get accurate time and date stamps of chat messages sent or received
  • View the BB Pins of the BlackBerry devices the target has been talking to
  • Stay in the know of the appointments made in real time
  • View chat histories saved in the device, by accessing your personal dashboard

How BBM Chat Logging Works ?

Stealthmate lets you track BBM chat logs in no time. All BBM chat logs and information associated with it are uploaded to Stealthmate Control panel which can be viewed by the user by accessing the dashboard.

How Can BBM Spy Feature Help You ?

By using Stealthmate BBM spy, employers have a good chance to catch workers cheating behind their backs or wasting unnecessary time on chatting. Also, if your kids are spending awfully lot of time tapping away on their BBM, then you need to see what they are talking and with whom. Bullying and harassing doesn't always occur via text messages, they can be carried out via BBM chats as well and you must ensure your kids safety.