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Android Spy Phone Software

Whether you're a parent with children that are giving you trouble, or an employer who isn't exactly having the time of the day with his/her employees: StealthMate can help you out! This is your chance at getting your hands on the most effective Android Spy App around. It takes a few minutes to install and once it's done, there's no looking back.

Wipe Phone Data

SMS Logging

Sim Change Notification

Contact Details

Internet History

Picture Logging

Gps Location

Appointment Logging

Parents have it good with StealthMate: from making sure your kids are in the right place, with the GPS tracking feature to ensuring that they're not talking to strangers, with text message logs - you can monitor it all and more. Employers will also have a field day as they can check on data logs such as texts, pictures and videos to ensure that employees aren't wasting time at work!

The Android Spyware is a stealthy warrior which works 24/7 to provide you the most accurate and comprehensive data and information from the phone. Your target user won't ever know it's there, and with or without GPS it'll keep on working. The online panel created just for you will have all the details you're looking for.

For $0.50 a day you can enjoy some of the most dynamic and superior set of features around. So what are you waiting for? Sign up NOW!

Stealthmate provides comprehensive list of monitoring features for cell phones and computers. These features range from basic internet monitoring to advanced features like email monitoring and logging of all popular Chat Messangers. Following are details of all supported features

View Sent/Received SMS

A complete record of all texts exchanged on the phone is available on your dashboard

Monitor Contact Details

All the contacts on the phone are sent to your online panel secretly

Monitor Calls

The call logs are yours for the taking with complete details of calls, made and received

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Monitor Web Browsing

What sites has the target been visiting? Use StealthMate to find out! It even captures WebPages after they've been deleted from history

Monitor Pictures

Monitor all the pictures created on the target phone by using StealthMate Android Spy app

Sim Change Notification

Does your target user have two different SIMs? The app can send over a notification each time the SIM is changed

Location Tracking

Easily monitor your target's location in real-time by using android spywaye. Check their location history as well!

Wipe Phone Data

Keep personal data and your identity secure by wiping all phone data in case the phone's lost or stolen

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  • Grace

    Houston, USA

    My teen was becoming more rebellious by the day and he would keep running away. His passive aggressiveness was so out of control that I had no clue as to how I should counter it. By using StealthMate Android Spy sofwtare, I didn't just add an extra pair of eyes to watch him, I actually found a helper which lets me take better care of my teen. Now I know where he is and how to get him back, and I'm so grateful

  • Tony

    Phoenix, USA

    The success of a firm largely depends on the staff that serves it. But with our company we realized there were several people who only looked busy and did nothing. StealthMate Android spy helped us figure out the good, the bad and the ugly in our company. We're now at full productivity and profits have never been better!

How it works
Sign Up:

After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and a user account will be created for you.

Download and Install:

You will download and install StealthMate on target Phone/Computer by following the instructions given inside your user account.

Start Monitoring:

Once StealthMate is installed, you will be able to monitor all activities on target phone/computer remotely by simply logging into your user account at StealthMate website.

All Android based cell phones manufactured by all vendors like Samsung, LG, Motorolla, HTC etc on all Carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc are supported

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