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Parental Control

The ultimate tool for parents, StealthMate's parental control software was developed to help ensure the wellbeing and safety of teens and tweens in an increasingly dangerous digital environment. The data and information collected by the software is essential for better parenting.

  • Keep a complete check on your child's computer and cell phone
  • Remotely access all emails, texts and chats
  • Ensure you know what websites they are using
  • Secretly keep them safe and secure

Employee Monitoring

StealthMate's Employee Monitoring tools are for managers who want to stay one step ahead of the game. With these exceptional tools you can keep data leaks at bay, keep productivity up, avoid wastage of company owned resources and ensure employee loyalty.

  • Check all the activity on employee cell phones and PCs
  • Stay in the know 24/7
  • Tracking details are relayed in real-time
  • Secretly check all data out-flow i.e. texts, emails, pictures etc.

Cell Phone Tracking

StealthMate has the most accurate and effective cell phone tracking solutions. Whether you're trying to keep your employees in line or trying to ensure that your teen isn't wandering off into the wrong places - StealthMate's Cell Phone tracker gets you real results!

  • Secretly monitor location in real-time
  • Check exact location history remotely
  • Check details of text message, call history and contact details
  • Record/listen live to surroundings